Sled Decelerator Testing

Sled Impact

Dynamically test your product into a variety of impact surfaces, as used by F1 teams.

Sled Decelerator Testing

Wheelchair  Decel

WAV and ISO 7176 Part 19 testing can be conducted on the decelerator rig.

Static Testing

Proof Testing

Test your product easily before it goes to market
with a static test in a variety of conditions.

Falling Mass Drop Tower

Low Energy
Drop Tower

For smaller objects a drop tower can provide a
quick dynamic assessment of your product.

High Energy Capacity Drop Tower

High Energy
Drop Tower

This rig is capable of proving energies that are
in between the Sled and the Low Energy Drop Tower.

Moment of Inertia and Centre of Gravity

Moment of Inertia and Centre of Gravity

Our unique test facility with proven capability
to measure MoI and CoG of items, including F1 vehicles.

R66 Rollover Rig

R66 Vehicle Rollover
and Tilt Rig

Vehicles upto coach size can be fully rolled over or
tilted to assess stability without destruction.

R66 Rollover Rig

Materials and component testing

Tension and compression testing in a controlled
quasi static manner. For example, crates or suspension springs.

Flying Impacter

Fatigue and Lifecycle

Prepare products for the market with fatigue testing,
to simulate real world conditions and identify issues as early as possible.

Flying Impacter

Low Mass/High Velocity
Flying Impactor

This facility can support strain rate investigations
For materials and components such as karting barriers.

Flying Impacter

Medical Devices in

The use of sled tests will ensure products have been crash tested and will comply
with the relevant standard.

Roll Cage / Roll cover protection

The only test house to be able to approve halo
protection systems for motorsport.