Duty of Care Testing

Cranfield Impact Centre (CIC) recently completed a “Duty of Care” test on Loopwheels Urban for use with a seated occupant for passenger transport, the wheels successfully passed the tests!

It means passengers can remain seated forward-facing on Loopwheels in a wheelchair in a vehicle, and no longer need to transfer out of their wheelchair and into the vehicle seat. The testing covers 2nd generation Loopwheels Urban, LT and Extreme.

James Watson of CIC said, ‘These tests are really useful in highlighting the performance of products before they come onto the market. We were able to perform these tests at short notice and really helped the client’.

CIC is a leader in the field of impact and safety of structures testing, using a range of test rigs for both static and dynamic testing. Amongst the most popular tests requested, are products tested at different stages of Technology Readiness Levels (TRL’s) from Low Fidelity Prototyping through to market level ready testing.

With many different testing requirements, CIC is skilled at adapting existing rigs and designing new fixtures, every project is different. Tests can be carried out for certification or development purposes.

Loopwheels are based in Newark, designing and manufacturing shock-absorbing wheels for wheelchairs. For more information on Loopwheels, please visit www.loopwheels.com.